If you so wish, bookingtime informs you about the activity of your customers. As soon as an appointment has been booked, postponed or cancelled, you will receive a notification directly by e-mail and / or SMS (€ 0.10 / SMS). Upon request, the employee concerned can also be notified. The notification texts can be adjusted in the "Administration" menu and in the "Branch" area under the "Settings" option.
You can customize all e-mail and SMS text your customers receive. There are various placeholders available for this purpose, which are then automatically displayed, for example to be replaced by the date of the appointment or a gender-specific salutation. You make the adjustments in the "Administration" section of your account settings. If you want to use a different text for a certain appointment type, you can adjust it in the respective appointment type.
To create a new user, click on "Administration" in the portal and then on "User" in the "Branch" section. In the lower centre of the page area, select the "Create new user" option. Then add a new user by entering the contact details and settings.

For an employee to be able to work and be bookable with bookingtime, he must be created both as a resource and as a user. In the event of the user also offering appointments, the user must also be created as a resource and linked to the user profile. In the resource overview (Administration> Appointments + Resources) you have the possibility to create a new resource ("Create new resource"). The link between user and resource is made in the respective user data sheet in the field "Settings" under "Assigned resource".
Click on "Administration" in the main menu, then on "User" in the "Branch" section. Select only the user for whom you want to set the user rights. You specify this in the "Settings" area under the "System group" option. In order to see what rights a user has, click on the lock icon in the "Actions" column in the user overview for the user concerned.
From the main menu, select "Opening Hours" in the administration of your branch. In the calendar view (current week) you can mark your opening times by pressing the mouse button. Blue is available (appointments bookable), Gray is not available (dates/times cannot be booked). The selected settings can now be transferred to the following weeks / years by selecting a certain calendar week in the future in the "Transfer this week ..." window and then clicking "Save".
To edit your own working hours, click on the menu item "My working hours" under Administration in the "Dates + Resources" area. This takes you to the calendar week view of the resource assigned to you. Here you can set when you are available for the execution of appointment types. For this, your user account must be linked to your own resource.
In the business tariff you can create and manage up to 50 branches. If you need additional branches, we are happy to offer you our Enterprise Solution. For a non-committal Enterprise offer, please contact your customer support representative at moc.emitgnikoob@esirpretne.
To create an additional branch, please click here. Then select the option "Add another branch" and click on "Start now". When you have reached the step "Use existing user account", log in with the user you normally use for our program.

A selection menu then appears, from which you can select the company to which the new branch is to be added. It is possible that several companies are displayed here if you have access rights to different companies and have the appropriate user rights there. Of course, you can only add another branch to a company if you have to necessary user rights.
If you want to make certain days or holidays unavailable for online bookings, set these on their respective dates or even the following year in their opening hours.
You have the possibility to subscribe to the bookingtime calendar. The URL can be found in the administration of your branch in the section "Miscellaneous" under "Calendar Exports". After clicking on "Calendar export", settings that you can make for export appear. At the bottom of the page you will see the calendar export URL. The synchronisation intervals depend on your calendar provider. Calendar synchronization is currently only possible in one direction. This means that you can synchronize the bookingtime calendar with your own. However, appointments that you enter in your own calendar do not synchronize with/to the bookingtime calendar.
Timing is the smallest common time interval that affects your appointment types, working hours, and opening hours. Depending on the timing you choose, one hour is divided into a corresponding number of time units.
The duration of an appointment type depends on the selected timing of the branch. The minimum interval is 5 minutes. Accordingly, it is possible to create appointment types from a duration of 5 minutes.

The lead time or overrun time of appointments is also influenced by the set timing. Should there be lead-/overrun time of e.g. 15 minutes between two appointments, although the shortest appointment type is 30 minutes, the timing must be set to 15 minutes. For example ff you change the timing from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, there must be no appointment type with a duration of 45 minutes.

The number of displayed times is also related to the timing. If you do not set a fixed time for the possible start of an appointment type, your appointment start times are offered at 5-minute intervals.
In the main menu, click on the "Schedule" option under "Administration". Then select the desired appointment type in the appointment type overview. In the last tab "Resource groups" you can set whether and for whom employees are selectable.

If you select “Staff Members and clients” in the “Selectable when booking an appointment” option, your customers can select one of their employees for the appointment. If you check the “Random Selection” option, the system will select a random employee according to availability.
To do this, click on "Appointments" in the Administration area. In the middle of the lower part of the window you will find the button "Create new appointment type". You can also edit, copy or delete appointment types already created here.
Yes, you can set lead times and overrun times in the respective appointment types, for example, to consider the travel time to and from external appointments. For this it is important that you adjust the duration of the respective appointment type. An example: The appointment should last 1 hour, while the travel time there and back takes 30 minutes in each direction. The duration of the appointment type must then be set to 2 hours. Of course, your customers will still only see an appointment duration of one hour. The system also blocks the booked resource for travel time.
To do this, click in the administration of your branch and select the desired appointment type. In the "Availability" tab, first click on "Mark whole week as not available". Then set the desired start times with one click. Save this availability for another week or configure it manually.
The appointment can be made without registration. To do this, click on "Administration" in the main menu. In the section "Branch" you will find the option "iFrame customer booking". Here you select the desired customer booking option under "Guest bookings". With a single registration, your customer must verify via an e-mail address and SMS. For the guest booking, only the first and last name must be specified. You can still activate mandatory fields, such as mobile phone number and / or e-mail when making a guest reservation.
Many appointment types can be linked to specified categories with bookingtime and can then be displayed in the booking module for the customer. Click on "Administration" and select "Settings" under "Branch". In the "Appointment type" tab, you can specify your categories in the various fields "Category for customers". You then must link the individual appointment types in the "Customer Booking" area with the relevant category. In the booking module, your appointment types will then be clearly displayed under the selected categories.
The lead time can be set as desired. You can make the adjustments in the "Administration" area under "Settings". You will find the “Appointment preliminary lead time” function in the “Appointment booking by customer” tab. Alternatively, you can set different times for each type of appointment. In the appointment types you will find this function in the "Client booking" tab.
In fact, very complex services can be mapped with bookingtime.com. For example, services that require different employees, rooms, or devices for different periods of time. Of course, onlintermine.com is also designed for less complex services.

The first step would be to complete your company details and opening times in the settings. Please note that the opening times limit all further availability settings. Bookings outside of the opening times are not possible, even if employees are available.

In the second step, you create the resources (employees, rooms, etc.) that are required for your services. Usually this is the employee who handles the appointment. If necessary, additional rooms and devices can be added as resources, should their occupancy be relevant. The availability for each resource is determined individually according to their working hours.

The third step is to create your appointment types and assign the appropriate resources to the appointment types.